Checklist to Onboard New Consultants

Walk alongside and guide your New Consultant in their training.

*Norwex invites your new consultants to a special Project Broadcast text campaign that teaches them how to use the most popular Norwex products, ย invites them to share Norwex with others, and encourages them to connect with all their new consultant Norwex resources.

Personalized Texts from You. If you use Project Broadcast to send text messages, use this bundle Code:ย PknTPhQFnQ9 . Be sure to personalize them before sending to new Consultants. Or here are the individual messages.

Ways to Connect and Support! The training below for team builders mirrors the same steps in the Newย Consultant Checklist and training on

1. get started

WATCH: Susan and Allison’s video overview of the website


  • First things first! Get to know them! In-person, over the phone ๐Ÿ“ž or Facetime is best, but otherwise use Facebook Voice Messenger or another voice message service.
    Questions to ask:
    - What do you prefer for communication?
    - What made you decide to join?
    - What excites you MOST about Norwex?
  • Flexibility, green cleaning, money?
    - How much money would you like to make each month with Norwex?
    - How many events would you like to do in a month? (online, in person, pop ups all count)
  • Plug them into your team page
  • Use this checklist to support them as they are doing the training on their New Consultant section of this website.

WATCH: Carrie Koziel’s video that walks through how you can help them set Bright Start goals. 


  • Do you know their “why” and what they want from their business? Think of the Bright Start Program as their 90-day business plan.
  • Help them set goals for their first 15, 30 and 60 and 90 Days.
  • Bright_Start_Brochure

WATCH: Nicole’s video on why Launch Parties

TAKE ACTION: Have they picked 2 dates for their Launch Events?

  • Did you know that New Consultants who hold Launch Events in their first 15 days are 3 times more successful?

WATCH: Kara’s quick video on sharing on social right away! 

TAKE ACTION: Ask them to let you know when they’ve posted them and to tag you.

WATCH: Lauren’s video on creating a BFF contact list and getting those invites going. 

TAKE ACTION: When they create their BFF List – ask them to send you a picture. Yes – if you ask they will send it! You are holding them accountable ๐Ÿ‘ and it's an opportunity for you to help them expand their influence beyond just family and friends.

2. open that box

WATCH: Delores’s quick video (part 1) on feeling confident about being an educator who helps people change the way they think and the way they clean. 

WATCH: Delores’s video (part 2) about earning their Starter Kit and getting to know the products! 

TAKE ACTION: Ask them to let you know when their Starter Kit arrives and encourage them to just start using the products and falling in love with them.

  • Invite them to do an Open the Box reveal. See video below. Ask them to let you know if they have questions.

WATCH: Debbie Bolton’s video about why our mission is at the heart of everything we do! 

TAKE ACTION: Ask them what excited them most about spreading our mission.

WATCH: Kara’s video on thinking about why they started Norwex and sharing their excitement! 

TAKE ACTION: Ask them to let you know if they have questions.

WATCH: Lisa’s video as a refresher for using the Party Cards in a party!

TAKE ACTION: When was the last time you saw the Party Cards? Take a look at this updated set.

  • Invite new Consultants to shadow your Party if s/he hasn’t already.

WATCH: Susan’s video on activities that can help them gain confidence and expand their network right away, even before holding parties. 

TAKE ACTION: Challenge them to do one of the activities below and ask them to let you know how it went:
Open the Box Starter Kit

Reveal Butter demo

Try Me Kit

3. online or in-person events

WATCH: Jen’s video on why parties are the heartbeat of our business. 

TAKE ACTION: You are their best resource for learning. Invite them to shadow or join your next event.

  • New Consultants will often follow your lead, but they may want to pick the platform that’s right for them. The section in their website gives them training for:
  • Facebook Events
  • In-Person Events
  • On-the-Go Events
  • Connect with them before and after their first events and ask questions like:
    - Getting excited for your _____? How’s your invite list?
    - How did it go? What questions do you have?

WATCH: Susan’s video on the success formula of 2 bookings. 

TAKE ACTION: Check in time! Take a look at their Bright Start progress.

  • How are they doing with their launch parties? How about booking 4 more parties? What help do they need from you?

WATCH: Emily’s 3-part video series all about a VIP Group.

TAKE ACTION: Help them set up their own private Facebook Customer VIP Group which can be the link for their Launch Party. Then Consultants don’t need to set up an additional group for Hosts and Guests to join.  

WATCH: Tracy’s video on having joy doing what excites you and keeping a full calendar. 

TAKE ACTION: No one quits with parties on their calendar! Keep track of their progress and connect regularly to encourage their “joy meter” and see how things are going.

  • As part of Bright Start, they can earn up to $450 in Shopping Sprees for team building. Have they used their BFF list to help think of 3 friends they’d love to work alongside?

4. connect with your hosts

WATCH: Min’s video on why host coach.

WATCH: Meghan’s Facebook host coaching video

WATCH: Laura’s in-person host coaching video

WATCH: Allison’s video on using the provided template to create a video or script of their own for host coaching.

  • For your reference, here is the script

TAKE ACTION: Let new Consultants experience your host coaching process.

5. you've got this, keep going

WATCH: Sarah’s quick video on why follow up matters. 

WATCH: Min’s video on this simple follow up system. 

TAKE ACTION: Ask them to let you know if they have questions.

WATCH: Katie’s short video on Norwex is really just 3 things. 

TAKE ACTION: Help them feel confident and not overwhelmed by keeping it simple and focusing on 3 things.

  • Cheer new Consultants on. Celebrate ๐ŸŽ‰ small and big wins along the way! It’s easy to celebrate when they do something big, but also celebrate their efforts.

WATCH: Abby’s video on how to foster relationships in VIP Groups beyond their first parties. 

TAKE ACTION: Help them show up consistently. The video in the Resource section of their website explains how.

WATCH: Brian’s video celebrating their success in completing their new Consultant training. 

TAKE ACTION: Ask them to download their Certificate of Achievement and take a selfie or screen shot and send it to you.

  • Celebrate their achievement on your team Facebook Page!
  • Recognize that while you may start all Consultants the same way, the effort they put into their business may ebb and flow. When they back away or drop off, don’t stop communication.
    - Reach out personally and see if everything is okay.
    - Let them know you are still there for them and will meet them where they are at.
    - Continue to invite them to team events.
  • Ask: what’s next? What are their next goals? Help them make a plan.
  • Remember, the #1 indicator of a new Consultant’s success is YOU!

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