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Welcome! Are you excited? Nervous? A little of both? We get it. You’ve probably never done this “Norwex” thing before, but we’ve got you covered in simple steps. Let’s get started!

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Your Starter Kit is on its way! Open that box and dig in! Get to know the fabulous products that are in this package personalized just for you, a New Consultant. So fun!  

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Party . . . Demo . . . Class . . . Workshop . . . Social seller—No matter what you call it or how you choose to share Norwex, we have training for you!

 connect with your hosts

Think of your Hosts as your biggest influencers, who network on your behalf. Learn how best to connect with them.

you’ve got this—keep going

We’re glad you’re on this journey with us!

Now it’s time to multiply your influence! (Yes, you’re influencing others to have safe, healthy homes. How cool to be making such a positive impact!) Follow up with guests from your events and continue to build relationships with your Customers for your new awesome biz. 

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